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Skyrocketing together

The origins of Proventis Partners are tied to four independent, established offices located in four financial hubs.

In Munich, Jan Pörschmann and Rainer Wieser founded the Proventis GmbH in 2001. From day one, they focused on accompanying M&A-transactions and Corporate Finance projects. In Hamburg, the independent M&A-boutique Hartmann Zillmer Corporate Finance GmbH arose at the same time through significant involvment of Jost Hartmann. Dr. Christoph Studinka and Teun de Ven began as M&A advisors in Zurich, Switzerland and jointly founded Proventis Partners AG soon thereafter. Since 2017, Dr. Markus Heusser is adding to the partnership here. Ulrich Schneider already stepped aboard in Hamburg in 2010. In 2018, Absolvo joined with 10 professionals in Budapest.
Ten entrepreneurs, one objective: the best result for the client. Even though cooperation between the different offices was limited in the beginning, it became closer and closer over time. While the partners followed the same goals, they also discovered that they feel also obliged to follow the same values such as independence and customer orientation. Since 2010, Proventis Partners operates commonly in the market under one brand and provides inter-locational solutions. The concept is popular with the customers: the number of projects, the transaction volume and the number of employees increase continuously.

Our home is at some of the most important economic hubs in Europe

Based in German-speaking Regions of Europe, Proventis Partners operates form its offices at four different locations. From Hamburg, Munich, Zurich and Cologne, a team of approximately 30 professionals works on national and international projects. The clients profit likewise from the regional proximity as well as the international network of our partners. In Eastern Europe, Proventis Partners is present through Absolvo with its office in Budapest. 
Local presence ensures proximity and a deep understanding of the requirements, especially of medium-size customers. Being located at important hubs enlarges the spectrum for potential partners in a transaction and facilitates contacting international buyers or sellers. We know: the business of M&A is a global one. Hence, it is advantageous that our team speaks 10 different languages.

Proventis Partners addresses


Grosse Johannisstr. 19 20457 Hamburg – Germany
+49 (0)40 3609759-0
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Proventis Partners GmbH


Prinz-Ludwig Str. 7 80333 Munich – Germany
+49 (0)89 388 88 1-0

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Proventis Partners GmbH




Hohenzollernring 16-18 50672 Cologne – Germany
+49 221 292868-0
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Proventis Partners Köln


Feldeggstr. 58 8008 Zurich – Switzerland
+41 (0)44 536 3630

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Proventis Partners GmbH


Bartók Béla str. 105-113 H-1115 Budapest – Hungary
+36 1 279 1979

Absolvo Proventis Partners CEE

Proventis  Partners connects with the world and becomes a member of the international partnership of leading M&A consultancies

The Mergers Alliance is represented exclusively by Proventis Partners in German-speaking countries. The international partnership of leading independent M&A advisors, thus, gains a fast-growing medium-sized M&A specialist with substanial industry expertise in Europe’s largest economy. Through membership in the Mergers Alliance, Proventis Partners expands its market coverage in all major countries worldwide and further develops its industry knowledge pro.

The continuous cooperation of the Mergers Alliance partners around the world, the exchange of industry knowledge and the development of personal relationships are of great importance in order to provide Proventis Partners’ clients with a suitable advice in the best possible way. “Think global and act local. This is, what we believe, what our mostly mid-cap clients truly need: superior local domain-expertise paired with proximity on the one hand and an excellent global relationship with trusted partners servicing the clients with equally high-quality standards and ethics on the other hand. And this is exactly what we found in Mergers Alliance. Thanks to 20 Mergers Alliance members, we can now offer our clients unique access to local markets in 30 countries. Our clients benefit from a wide coverage of M&A opportunities in Europa, North America, Latin America, Asia and Africa,” explains Jan Pörschmann, Managing Partner at Proventis Partners in Munich. At the same time as Proventis Partners, the US investment bank Dresner Partners joined the Mergers Alliance in January 2019 and significantly strengthens the global M&A partnership. Dresner Partners is a FINRA-registered mid-sized investment bank headquartered in Chicago with further offices in New York, Boston, Fort Lauderdale, Irvine and Palo Alto. Dresner Partners has successfully closed more than 100 transactions in 15 countries with a total transaction value exceeding $5 billion.

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Mergers Alliance Mergers Alliance is one of the most important independent global partnerships of Corporate Finance specialists with over 800 transactions since 2012 in 30 countries worldwide and a total value of over 40 billion US dollars. With a team of more than 200 experts in 40 offices and 25 countries, around 20 members of the Mergers Alliance cover the world’s leading economic centers.
Bundesverband der Deutschen Luft- und Raumfahrtindustrie The Federal Association of the German Aerospace Industry (BDLI) is an association of companies and institutions in the aerospace industry. The Proventis Sector Team Industrials benefits from access to relevant contacts in the aerospace industry and exchanges the latest industry trends with experts from the German aerospace industry.
Bundesverband für Mergers & Acquisitions The Federal Association for Mergers & Acquisitions e.V. (BM&A) is an association and representation of the interests of M&A specialists and experts. Proventis Partners appreciates the opportunity to expand the existing network with the help of BM&A and to exchange information on M&A-relevant topics with other M&A advisors and other relevant parties.
Vereinigung deutscher M&A-Berater The Association of German M&A Consultants (VMA) is the professional association of leading, partner-managed and independent German M&A consultancies, where special market segments of M&A consulting are competently covered. Through its VMA membership, Proventis Partners benefits from the anonymous exchange of experience within the association.