Management Buy-Out/Buy-In

Guide on the road to enterpreneurship

Proventis Partners offers M&A and corporate finance know-how from one source. And it is exactly this combination that is needed for Management Buy-Outs and Buy-Ins – as managers do not only acquire their own or an external company in the process. Instead, they take on an enormous financial risk, because a significant proportion of the capital stems from third parties. Proventis Partners does not only negotiate the best possible conditions, but also makes sure that the financing is sustainable. Because we want you to achieve long-term entrepreneurial and personal success.

From day one, a partner works closely by your side: he works out a strategy with you, examines your target and provides a realistic assessment of the value of the companies early on in the game. He makes contact with suitable co-investors and banks and shares his network of private equity funds, family offices and decision-makers on the debt provider side with you. He prepares the negotiations and coordinates the entire process right up to due diligence and the signature under the sales and purchase (SPA) agreement. He knows the whole process and the existing usage when it comes to private equity providers inside out, and is able to identify critical points and solution processes at an early stage. He thus saves you a lot of time, nerves and money. He supplies everything that you would expect from a good guide and always has his eyes on what truly counts: your long-term entrepreneurial success.