Telecommunication, Media and Technology

More than 20 M&A-projects of reference in the TMT-sector

In previous years, Proventis Partners has proven their competence with regard to the TMT sector during several M&A projects, and this competence expands with every M&A mandate in the sector.

  • Telecommunication – Due to the expansion of smartphones, data traffic doubles every 8 months. Telecommunication providers have to move their focus away from a purely connectivity oriented business model but must nonetheless further invest in the infrastructure of their mobile service network, which only generates limited revenue growth.
  • Media – The only stable parameter in this segment is the rapid change of business models and strategic positioning. Existing media companies have to operate like start-ups, continuously questioning their existence and adapting to given trends.
  • Technology / IT – With the upcoming megatrend IoT and M2M, the IT and technology sub-segment is spreading its influence into any areas of life and industrial production. Communication, Technology and IT are the fuel of the “Industry 4.0”.
  • Entertainment – Empowered consumers seek tailor-made, inspirational content experiences that transcend platforms and entertainment providers. Advertising growth is primarily digital – driven by mobilde and video.