Consumer, Food and Retail

More than 20 M&A-projects of reference in this sector

In previous years, Proventis Partners has proven their competence with regard to the consumer goods, food and retail sector during several M&A projects, and this competence expands with every M&A mandate in the sector.

  • Consumer Products – Today’s buyer is savvy, informed, equipped with the latest technology, and has higher expectations than ever before. Companies should adjust their business models to address the impacts of this new reality and the trends driving it.
  • Food & Beverage – Growing numbers of foods and drinks are now considered to be (healthy) snacks. Private label is still gaining market share in Europe and North America. Innovation is the key to success for food and beverage companies.
  • Retail & Wholesale –  The key to success for food and beverage companies. Today’s retailers are confronted by savvy, smartphone-toting consumers and an uncertain economic future. Shifts in the supply chain require wholesale distributors to operate more efficiently. Consolidation will continue.
  • Transport & Logistics – The transportation industry is becoming leaner, quicker and more data-driven. The establishment of free trade zones will lead to above-average growth of the transportation and logistics industry in emerging markets.