Proventis Partners has a long-time industry competence with over 80 M&A-transactions and an extensive international network

In certain sub-sectors, for instance the packaging industry or aerospace, we are among the best M&A-specialists in Europe. We know the trends, the major players, several CEOs, CFOs and board members and have therefore close access to the industry. We have proven in a variety of M&A-mandates that we know the industry perfectly and know how to lead sell- and buy-side mandates to success. This applies to all sorts of customers: corporate groups, private equities as well as medium-sized entreprises.

  • Packaging – Global growth / globalization, new materials and other technologies, sustainability, pricing of commodities resp. raw materials, industry concentration / defragmentation, succession.
  • Aerospace – Global growth / globalization, new materials and other technologies, industry concentration / defragmentation, supply chain, government spending, political barriers.
  • Engineering and Construction – Global growth / globalization, sustainability, industry concentration / defragmentation, new technologies, automation / industry 4.0.
  • Capital Goods and Components – Global growth / globalization, sustainability, new technologies/materials, industry concentration / defragmentation, succession.
  • Automotive and Transportation – Global growth / globalization, industry concentration / defragmentation, sustainability, new technologies.