Energy, Chemicals and Natural Resources

Experience in the field from more than 30 successful M&A-transactions

At Proventis Partners we know exactly what counts in the Energy, Chemicals and Natural Resources sector. We have proven our expertise in this field in multiple transactions and increased it with every one of them. We have specialists that are experts in clean energy and chemicals, and who know the field better than hardly any other M&A advisor in German speaking Europe.

  • Renewable Energy – Investments in renewable energy from China and some developing nations, new technology.
  • Power Generation & Distribution – CO2 and the global climate, low crude oil prices, political changes / exit from nuclear energy, new technologies, overcapacity.
  • Paper, Pulp, Paper Packaging – Global growth, industry consolidation, new technology, raw material price fluctuations, overcapacity.
  • Chemicals, Minerals and Minining – Global growth, industry consolitation, price fluctuations, new technology, over-capacity.