Precision and professionalism is needed when it comes to divesting companies or parts of companies. The interests of many parties must to be taken into account: those of investors, customers, employees, suppliers and the public.

When buying a company, each step can be decisive: from identifying and approaching potential targets to embedding it in a growth strategy, as well as from a comprehensive due diligence to contract negotiations and a successful integration.

Proventis Partners offers you an integrated and cooperative approach: we accompany you along the entire process and each of its parts. We conduct the different sub-steps of the process, from the potential analysis to its realization to a (potential) transaction.

Sooner or later each entrepreneur is confronted with the question of succession. He can pass on the responsibility to the next generation, to internal or external manager via a MBI/MBO or sell his legacy to a strategic or financial investor.

Proventis Partners simultaneously offers M&A- and Corporate Finance expertise. And that is exactly the combination that is needed for MBOs and MBIs, since managers thereby not only acquire their own or another company.

When leading a company, you are always searching for growth and expansion opportunities. A possibility is for instance to enter new markets, or expanding marketing, the distribution network or the production, or to invest into new technologies.

The objective of an independent valuation is to determine an anchor for the realistic economic value of a company, a division or a strategic project.

Numerous M&A-transactions fail due to insufficient or wrongly executed integration. Proventis Partners’ experts know the post merger integrations approaches by heart and know how to implement synergies and how to control the execution.

An open road for successful M&A-transactions

Be it a corporate carve-out sale, a takeover, a management buy-out or a planned succession: M&A projects are always complex and always time-critical. Good, if you have an experienced pilot at your side. Proventis Partners leads and supports M&A projects from the development of an idea or a strategy or equity story all the way through to post-merger integration with the indispensable discretion and the necessary assertiveness during the most crucial moments. We know about the great importance of excellent preparation and quality implementation and we are not afraid to take clear positions in critical situations. We never lose sight of the goal: Great transaction results. If a project delivers the desired added value for the client, our efforts have been worthwhile. Because we know: what really counts are fully satisfied clients and great M&A results.

Our value added