Valuation Services

Independent Valuations

The objective of an independent valuation is to determine the realistic economic value for a company, a division or for a strategic project. If a company or a division is to be sold or acquired, an independent valuation may be necessary to determine a realistic price or price range for the prospective transaction.

A mix of various valuation methods is used: The “multiplier” method (based on EBITDA or EBIT) is used to make an initial rough assessment of the Enterprise Value, based on comparable listed companies and recent transactions. A more detailed valuation is achieved by applying the Discounted Cash Flow method (DCF method), on the basis of a mid-range plan and a given financing structure.

Our independent valuation services for private transactions

  • Fairness Opinions (Proventis Partners Zürich, Switzerland, has been officially accredited by the Swiss Takeover Board)
  • M&A valuations
  • Shareholder value analysis
  • Valuation of restricted shares and stock options
  • Portfolio valuations for corporations and private equity funds
  • Venture company valuation
  • Investment appraisals and cost of capital
  • Intangible asset valuations and purchase price allocations
  • Examination of potential synergies
  • Restructuring valuation