Growth Financing

Exploring new horizons with new capital

A company manager is constantly on the lookout for opportunities to grow and become larger. It is conceivable, for instance, to tap into new markets, to develop the marketing and sales departments, to expand the production and to invest in new technologies. The funding is a critical bottleneck in all these lines of strategies. And this is where Proventis Partners comes into play. Since over ten years, we have been contributing our share so that companies can carry out their plans. Together with the management, we work out a conclusive business plan and a financial and corporate plan based on this and think about which type of funding is most suitable.

Going to the bank is just one of many alternatives. Silent participations are also possible, as is the issuing of promissory note loans, the injection of equity, the application of funds or the release of liquid funds through divestments or balance sheet optimisation. We know of all of these possibilities and are aware of their advantages and disadvantages. Thanks to this know-how and our independence, we work out tailor-made financing strategies for each and every company. Business plans actually turn into new business fields – and that is crucial.

A solid basis for a successful acquisition

Since its foundation, Proventis Partners has focused on two main topics: M&A and corporate finance. And it is exactly these competencies that are required for the financing of acquisitions. It requires profound understanding of the background of a transaction and operative effects and an extensive knowledge about the optimum financing structure of the purchase price.

How high should the equity share be? Which possibilities are there for vendor loans? Where do the boundaries lie with respect to senior and junior loans from outside creditors? And which liquidity reserve is indispensable? An experienced partner who accompanies the entire project provides answers to these questions. He knows the advantages and disadvantages of a leverage structure and supports you in weighing up whether the acquisition target should finance the acquisition or whether your company does in fact come with the better conditions. In each and every case, Proventis Partners looks for the best possible solution that exactly matches your motivation, and makes contact with investors. The result is the optimum financing of your transaction – and this is precisely what counts.