Value Increase and Realization

We are your partner to increase and realize the value of your business

Do you consider to sell your business in the following years to come – but you are not sure yet When and How?

  • You believe that your company has more potential than the current financials imply. 
  • With regard to the employees and customers you want to sell a sustainable business.
  • But in addition you want to optimize your company for the time of sale.
  • You are open minded towards an optimization of your company with external support.

Proventis Partners can assist you in doing so! Proventis Partners offers you an integrated, collaborative approach: we support you along the entire process and all aspects of it. From the potential analysis to the realization of the (potential) transacation we conduct each of the sub-processes. We find funding, resp. transformational and/or growth capital if needed. We bear entrepreneurial risk. We offer full transparency and an option to exit at any given point in time.

Proventis Partners stands for competency:

  • Complementary team.
  • Long-time leadership and idustry experience.
  • Value increasing expertise.
  • Profound M&A-Expertise.