Company Acquisition

With our experience we shall make sure you get to where you want to go

With company purchases, every move is decisive: from the identification of and contact to potential acquisition targets, the embedding of targets into a growth strategy, from comprehensive due diligence to the negotiation of contractual agreements and their successful implementation: Proventis Partners has carried out all of this for many years – and much more: we issue target profiles, find out the selling interest of suitable candidates, compile company valuations, prepare negotiations in different legal systems and cultures, and secure the funding, if necessary, at an early stage.

We want your acquisition to fulfill all your expectations. This is why we already provide consultation during the process of developing the appropriate acquisition strategy. Our operative and entrepreneurial experience as well as independent view from the outside increases your awareness for possible options. At the same time,good preparation and careful planning right up to the post-merger integration form the basis of sustainable enhancement in value. At an early stage, we point out possible challenges with individual bidders; this clear communication and honesty are what mark a good partner. This also holds true for discretion in the contacting phase as well as creativity with the transaction structuring and price negotiations. Thanks to the experience gained from a number of transactions, Proventis Partners knows what truly counts in each situation.