For What Truly Counts

Who we are

Our company values serve as the cornerstone of our operations and our relationships with customers and partners. We are a partner-led company, where our seasoned partners actively engage in transactions. This hands-on approach guarantees personal attention and an individualized approach that enhances the success of our clients.

Our senior partners are actively involved throughout the transaction process, ensuring a dedicated and personalized approach that enhances partnership bonds and transaction success.

Partner Led Firm

Partnergeführtes Unternehmen

We build enduring partnerships with clients based on trust and reliability, integrity, fostering loyalty and repeat business.

Reliable Partners
with Perseverance

We demonstrate a comprehensive understanding of our core sectors (Chemicals & Materials, Consumer Goods, Business Services, Healthcare, Industrials, TMT), leveraging a broad network within these industries.

Broadly Networked
Industry Expert

Breitvernetzte Branchenkenner

We employ professionals with extensive backgrounds in top-tier corporations, ensuring the highest level of professional standards and expertise in corporate finance. We provide our clients with strategic insights for successful M&A transactions, enabling us to consistently achieve positive outcomes for our clients, demonstrating competence in various transaction types including sell-sides, carve-outs, buy-sides, and corporate financing.

Experienced Finance

Erfahrene Finanzexperten

We promote a positive and enjoyable work environment, fostering effective collaboration and building strong relationships with clients and partners.

Team Players

Leidenschaftliche Teamplayer