M&A-results in absolute perfection.

Proventis Partners focuses on mid-cap M&A-transactions. Our customers include family business, private equity investors and mid-sized groups. All of our projects are accompanied by at least one of our partners – from the beginning to the end. Key characteristics of our work are our degree of perfection and our independence. This is what clearly distinguishes us from our competitors. One characteristic unites the more than 200 M&A-transactions and fundings since nearly 17 years of Proventis Partners: the M&A-success of our clients. Our track record is something we are proud of: the transaction volume adds up to more than 4 billion Euro. Together with our clients we lead the M&A-project to a successful closing, since an excellent M&A-deal is based on a high closing safety and generates an attractive price. Ask us as experts for your most important M&A plans. For what truly counts: Proventis Partners.
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We invest in customer relationships and seek to understand your strategic context.

Each of Proventis Partners’ M&A-projects is different. And each of them requires tailor-made planning. We distinguish ourselves by investing more time and ideas in customer relationships than others. We want to understand exactly why an acquisition or selling the company makes sense and further understand the optimal timing. This approach is entirely different from making a quick deal. Others focus on pushing the M&A-project through the pipeline with a focus on processes and the mechanic of the deal. From our point of view, an M&A-mandate is part of a solution to a problem or the contribution to a strategy; embedded in the context of the company, the family or the industry. As soon as we determined the strategic context, we are better positioned to successfully finalize and M&A-transaction.
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The German-speaking region is our home - we are conntected with the world.

It is not a disadvantage to be well established and connected within a region. We have a broad network of companies, private equity firms and other market participants and we know always what is currently happening. Today, international connectivity is crucial. A large portion of company acquisitions and sales are cross border and cannot be supported by local M&A advisors. Proventis Partners creates these dimensions through strong ties to partner companies in selected industrial countries and our membership in the Mergers Alliance. Our expertise and personal connections in the industrial sectors additionally give us access to all the significant industrial markets worldwide. The majority of our M&A-transactions has international aspects.

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Proventis Partners - a brand you can rely on.

Our clients trust entirely in  us with their acquisitions and divestments. Our brand is a seal of quality, which stands for perfection and reliablity. The awareness on the Proventis Partners brand has been increasing constantly for years. Meanwhile, our brand is established far beyond the German speaking areas. This equally applies to family businesses, entreprise groups and private equity firms.
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Our M&A-services

Each of Proventis Partners’ M&A-projects is different. And each of them requires a tailor-made approach and perfect results. But one topic unites each of our more than 200 mid-cap M&A-transactions since 2001: the sustainable success for our customers. Our track record is something we can be proud of: the transaction volume meanwhile adds up to more than 4 billion Euros.

Precision and professionalism is needed when it comes to divesting companies or parts of companies. The interests of many parties must to be taken into account: those of investors, customers, employees, suppliers and the public.

When buying a company, each step can be decisive: from identifying and approaching potential targets to embedding the target into a growth strategy, as well as from a comprehensive due diligence to contract negotiations and a successful integration.

Proventis Partners offers you an integrated and cooperative approach: we accompany you along the entire process and each of its parts. We conduct the different sub-steps of the process, from the potential analysis to its realization to a (potential) transaction.

Sooner or later each entrepreneur is confronted with the question of succession. He can pass on the responsibility to the next generation, to an internal or external manager via an MBI/MBO or sell his legacy to a strategic or financial investor.

Proventis Partners simultaneously offers M&A- and Corporate Finance expertise. And that is exactly the combination that is needed for MBOs and MBIs, since managers thereby not only acquire their own or another company.

When leading a company, you are always searching for growth and expansion opportunities. A possiblity is for instance to enter new markets or to expand marketing, the distribution network or production or to invest into new technologies.

The objective of an independent valuation is to determine an anchor for the realistic economic value of a company, a division or a strategic project.

Numerous M&A-transactions fail due to insufficient or wrongly executed integration. Proventis Partners’ experts know the approaches of post merger integration by heart and know how to implement synergies and how to control the execution.

Our most recent M&A-transactions

Since being founded in 2001, Proventis Partners has successfully closed over 200 M&A deals for German, Swiss and international companies and private equity firms. Proventis Partners has a prominent market position in the market for high-quality mid-cap M&A transactions and has great insight and foresight in many relevant areas.

Thai Acrylic Fibre acquired PyroTex, an innovative German manufacturer of flame and heat resistant engineered fibres  

Thai Acrylic Fibre (Aditya Birla Group) acquired PyroTex. The founder of PyroTex, R. Jarausch, will join the Aditya Birla Group as managing director of the newly-formed PyroTex Industries GmbH and will be responsible for the global expansion of the fibres business. While PyroTex has already achieved notable success in the market with its ground-breaking product that offers unique technical capabilities, the new partnership will enable the company to leverage Thai Acrylic Fibres’s  global sales network and the company’s vast production capacity. Proventis Partners advised R. Jarausch as exclusive M&A advisor during the entire transaction process.

Proventis Partners advises Mentha Capital and Customs Suport on the acquisition of a leading customs agency in Germany 

Proventis Partners exclusively advised MC Customs B.V., a leading customs service provider in Benelux, on the acquisition of I.Z.A. Group. In the course of the expansion in Europe, the combination of IZA Group in Germany and Customs Support is a further important milestone to become one of the leading European customs service providers. Proventis Partners advised Mentha Capital and Customs Support as exclusive M&A-advisor on the entire transaction process.

Proventis Partners acts as M&A advisor to PRONAV-Group on the company succession  

The Schulte Group acquired 100 percent of the shares of the PRONAV-Group, a Hamburg based specialist in Liquid-Natural-Gas (LNG) shipping. With this acquisition, the Schulte Group strengthens its engagement in LNG-shipping. Proventis Partners initiated the acquisition by the Schulte Group as exclusive M&A advisor to the shareholders of PRONAV.

Proventis Partners supports OC Oerlikon in acquiring Primateria 

OC Oerlikon has acquired Primateria AB, a surface technology service provider specializing in pre-and post-treatment tooling solutions. Through the acquisition, Oerlikon strengthens its position in the gearing tool market, especially in Sweden, and can offer its worldwide customers even more know-how and a broader portfolio of surface treatments.

Proventis Partners supports ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE in particpating in Buzzbird 

ProSiebenSat.1 Media SE participates in the influencer marketing platform Buzzbird. Through their technology, Buzz Bird simplifies the entire flow of influencer marketing campaigns of all sizes and complexity – from identifying the appropriate influencers to implementation and measurement. BuzzBird has direct API access to the analytics and reporting channels of the influencer channels. This allows BuzzBird to evaluate the KPIs and campaign results in real time.

Proventis Partners supports Schwede Group with the sale of Signode 

Proventis Partners advised the shareholders of the Schwede Group, one of the world’s leading manufacturers of strapping machines in the graphics industry and technology leaders in narrowband strapping, exclusively on the sale to Signode Industrial Group LLC. Signode Industrial Group has successfully completed the acquisition of 100% of the shares in SMB Schwede Maschinenbau GmbH and Schwede Maschinenbau Weischlitz GmbH headquartered in Goldkronach in Germany through its subsidiary SPG Germany Service Management GmbH. The SMED Group, with the SMB brand, is the world’s leading manufacturer of strapping machines in the graphics industry and technology leader in narrowband.




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Proventis Partners News

26th January 2018 – Proventis Partners expands to Hungary


Proventis Partners continues its international expansion and has gained an experienced exclusive partner based in Budapest, the Absolvo team with 10 employees. Through its partnership with Absolvo, Proventis Partners offers local M&A expertise in Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia and Slovakia. Hungary and the CEE region offer a variety of M&A opportunities to companies in the German-speaking region in Europe: Access to a growing consumer market, a thriving start-up eco-system and IP think tanks, as well as skilled labor and high-class production capacities.

Through its exclusive partnership with Absolvo, Proventis Partners adds local M&A expertise in Hungary, Romania, Slovenia, Croatia and Slovakia to its presence in Munich, Hamburg and Zurich. For customers from the German-speaking countries, the affiliation of Proventis Partners and Absolvo provides a strong opportunity for their M&A projects.

“We are happy to further intensify the existing cooperation with Absolvo and to being able to support our customers with cross-border projects in a neighboring region with tailor-made so-lutions under one roof”, says Jan Poerschmann, Managing Partner at Proventis Partners, on the partnership with Absolvo.

About Absolvo Absolvo is an independent advisory company founded in 2004 with headquarters in Budapest and employs 10 professionals. The range of services offered by Absolvo includes M&A consulting, arranging of growth financing and subsidies, as well as supporting internationalization and business development projects. In the past 15 years, Absolvo has successfully completed over 450 projects.


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