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Whether it’s corporate divestitures, acquisitions, management buy-ins, or succession planning; Proventis Partners accompanies M&A projects from the strategic review, detailed preparation to a stringent execution until a successful closing with indispensable discretion and the necessary assertiveness in critical moments.

Company Acquisition


Strategic Acquisitions

Acquisitions serve as an effective means for accelerated business growth – be it to increase market share, acquire new technologies and assets, expand the existing team, or venture into new markets. Proventis Partners supports your endeavour with a transaction strategy tailored to your goals, pragmatic evaluation of potential targets, and a proven communication and negotiation approach.

Strategic Company Acquisitions

Private Equity Investments

Proventis Partners operates with a strong industry focus and an understanding of the strategic fit of a target company. You can expect highly individual acquisition strategies from us, deep industry knowledge and existing business contacts, as well as a keen sense of approach and negotiation.
Venture Capital or Private Equity Investments

Management Buy-Out and Buy-In

Transitioning from management to ownership is a significant step for the involved executives and a considerable financial risk. We assist executives in their long-term entrepreneurial and personal success, navigating between viable financing and growth potential.

Management Buy-Out und -Buy-In
Company Sale


Entrepreneurial Succession

The question of succession arises sooner or later for every entrepreneur. We understand how personal such a transaction is – the transfer of a business built over years into new hands. Therefore, non-monetary goals of the seller are particularly important to us in a succession situation. Who will continue the business? How will the company’s vision and mission evolve? What role will the company play for a buyer? We address these questions with you and accompany you as an independent, experienced, and discreet partner throughout the proce


Corporate Carve-Outs and Spin-Offs

Even successful technologies, products, or entire corporate divisions may no longer fit into a corporate strategy. Our Partners are experts in corporate carve-outs and spin-offs: Together, we find the right buyer for the affected business unit, develop a strategy for the separation process, and negotiate often complex contractual frameworks on your behalf.

Corporate Carve-outs und Spin-Offs

Sponsor-Backed Transactions

You have nurtured your company from its infancy to young adulthood over the past few years, or you have grown your established company with a financial investor and are now considering an exit? Proventis Partners is experienced in executing very effective sellside M&A projects in an efficient and professional manner with the best possible buyer, be it the right strategic investor or the next financial sponsor that will accompany the next phase of growth for your portfolio company.

Sponsor-Backed Transaktionen

Company Financing

Growth Financing

Even for established, healthy companies, financing needs regularly arise to foster future growth, enter new markets or develop new technologies. While going to the bank may seem like the most obvious choice for you as an entrepreneur in such cases, we are happy to show you all available financing options to realize your aspirations. These may include equity investors or providers of mezzanine capital.

Growth Financing

Acquisition Financing

The financing structure of the purchase price in an M&A transaction provides buyers with significant flexibility for their financial situation as well as the profitability of an investment. At the same time, there are market standard conditions and limits on the debt financing of acquisitions that need to be considered. We understand the variables in acquisition financing and thus find the most suitable financing solution for your individual transaction goals.
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