Company Sale

Precise control of a complex process

Precision and professionalism is needed when it comes to divesting companies or parts of companies.

The interests of many parties must to be taken into account: those of investors, customers, employees, suppliers and the public. An own organisation, a flawless contract structure and last but not least an equity story are also necessary to interest potential buyers.

Already with this preliminary work, Proventis Partners supports your company in many ways, drawing on the experience gained from numerous national and international sales projects in the process.

At an early stage, we reveal on the basis of a first evaluation which buying prices are feasible and develop an appropriate sales strategy. We take on the identification as well as the targeted, confidential contact to potential buyers and accompany the process to the closing of the transaction.

Your company stands to benefit in a variety of ways: you have more time for your day-to-day business, a high transaction security and an experienced partner by your side, who knows what truly counts.

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