Beginning of a new era

Sooner or later, each entrepreneur faces the question of succession. He or she can pass on the responsibility to the next generation of the family, bring internal or external managers on board via an MBI/MBO or sell his/her lifework to strategic or institutional investors. It is an emotional and technical challenge to find the right answer in good time in this situation.

Thanks to the experience gained from a number of projects, Proventis Partners is able to provide crucial impulses for the succession planning and give entrepreneurs targeted advice with its foresight and intuitive understanding.

Our work begins by developing a strategy with an end to selecting the most suitable succession arrangement. On the basis of detailed documentation, and with the suitable discretion, we approach the potential candidates on your behalf. We lead the negotiations and support the potential buyer in the selection of appropriate investors or banks. Just like you, we want your company to be in good hands and be successful on the market for many years to come. Because that’s all that counts.

Substantial for our way of accompanying a succession process is our high degree of independence and experience as well as our discretion.