For What Truly Counts

Flavian Gmünder



While studying for his Master’s degree in strategic management in the United Kingdom, Flavian worked for a Swiss consultancy in the finance sector. Thus, he increased his knowledge about scope deals of European companies regarding their digital transformation and the monetization of novel business models. Prior to that, Flavian gained experience in the start-up scene for three years, leading a retail company that distributed products across multiple platform ecosystems with a multi-homing strategy.

Furthermore, Flavian worked for a Swiss insurer for more than five years in variegated positions. Flavian appreciates a holistic approach to develop the most optimal solution for the future of a company and its employees. Therefore, to achieve viable solutions in complex international M&A transactions, Flavian’s credo is: first understand, then be understood.


Personally, Flavian is drawn to nature. He enjoys exploring the Alps with family and friends in Central and Southern Europe off the beaten track, whether motorized by 2 or 4-wheels, or by foot. Thus, his preferred mode of transport includes motorized classics from yesteryear.