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Proventis Partners joins Mergers Alliance, the international partnership of leading independent corporate finance advisory firms.

Munich, January 15, 2019 Mergers Alliance ( will be represented in German speaking Europe exclusively by Proventis Partners. In this win-win partnership, Proventis Partners is increasing its market coverage to all major economies around the globe and further enhancing its industry expertise; Mergers Alliance is winning a fast growing and mid-market focused M&A specialist with clear sector competences in Europe’s largest economy.

“We are excited to join this exclusive network of international M&A advisory firms as their German partner. We are looking forward to all the new international M&A opportunities this alliance will foster. The strong partnership allows us to service our core client base in Germanspeaking countries more effectively on cross-border transactions,” says Jost Hartmann, Managing Partner at Proventis Partners in Hamburg.

By joining Mergers Alliance, Proventis Partners, the fast-growing M&A boutique with 30 professionals, will receive an enormous boost for the growth of its five offices in Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Zurich and Budapest.

Jan Poerschmann, Managing Partner at Proventis Partners in Munich, comments: “Think global and act local. This is, what we believe, what our mostly mid-cap clients truly need: superior local domainexpertise paired with proximity on the one hand and an excellent global relationship with trusted partners servicing the clients with equally high-quality standards and ethics on the other hand. And this is exactly what we found in Mergers Alliance. Thanks to 20 Mergers Alliance members, we can now offer our clients unique access to local markets in 30 countries. Our clients benefit from a wide coverage of M&A opportunities in Europa, North America, Latin America, Asia and Africa.”

Stas Michael, Managing Director of the global Mergers Alliance network, adds: “We are delighted to welcome Proventis Partners as our exclusive partner in Europe’s largest economy and look forward to grow our business in this cornerstone market.”

At the same time as Proventis Partners, the American investment bank Dresner Partners is joining the Mergers Alliance in January 2019, thus strengthening one of the world’s leading M&A partnerships enormously. Dresner Partners is a FINRA-registered, mid-sized investment bank headquartered in Chicago with offices in New York, Boston, Fort Lauderdale, Irvine and Palo Alto. Professionals at Dresner Partners have closed over $5 billion in hundreds of transactions in 15 countries.

The continued collaboration of Mergers Alliance partners around the world, the sharing of industry knowledge and the establishing of personal relationships are essential to providing the best possible support to Proventis Partners clients.

Furthermore, the partnership between Proventis Partners and Mergers Alliance gives Proventis Partners customers access to local information. In cross-border projects, the Mergers Alliance partner companies work closely together and provide each other with local know-how.

About Mergers Alliance

Mergers Alliance is the main independent worldwide partnership of corporate finance specialists, having completed over 800 transactions in 30 countries worldwide since 2012 with a combined value of $40.2 billion.

Around 20 members of Mergers Alliance span the world’s leading business centers, with 40 offices in 25 countries and a team of more than 200 professionals.

Each partner firm is an independent local specialist with comprehensive track record in its territory. All partners are authorized by their local financial services regulator. Mergers Alliance partners have extensive experiences across a wide range of industry sectors, dedicated to small and mid-market segment (up to $500 million).

About Proventis Partners

Proventis Partners is a partner-managed mid-market M&A-advisory boutique, whose main clients comprise corporations, family businesses and private equity funds. With 30 professionals at five offices in Hamburg, Munich, Cologne, Zurich and Budapest, Proventis Partners is active in the sectors Industrials, Consumer & Retail, TMT, Healthcare and Energy.