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Swiss Takeover Board accredits Proventis Partners Ltd for Fairness Opinions

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – April 4″, 2016
The Swiss Takeover Board accredits Proventis Partners Ltd (Switzerland) as a qualified and independent institution to provide Fairness Opinions. On April 4%, 2016, the Swiss Takeover Board officially stated in its accreditation letter, that Proventis Partners Ltd is suitably qualified in the sense of art. 30 al. 6 TOO to establish Fairness Opinions in the context of public takeover offers.

When dealing with an acquisition offer, the Fairness Opinion (expert valuation) of an independent expert is most valuable. Proventis Partners’ extensive know-how and reputation in the market reassures Board of Directors and shareholders helping them to decide whether to accept or decline a public offer. A takeover offer may appear convincingly high or too low at first sight. However, Board of Directors and shareholders cannot be fully certain that it reflects the true value of the company. The high time pressure involved after a public offer has been made, makes the involvement of a qualified, experienced and flexible partner with free capacity to perform the valuation and deliver the fairness opinion on time and in the required timeframe a necessity. Proventis Partners has a highly qualified valuation team in Switzerland. We understand the specifics involved, which are needed by the Board of Directors in fulfilling their duty to present a clear and solid recommendation to their shareholders.

Proventis Partners also provides qualified independent valuations for non-public transactions. A comprehensive, structured valuation memorandum and clear recommendations may also be of importance to the Board of Directors or the Management in case of complex M&A and other financial transactions, to protect these decision makers against excessive risk exposure. Independent valuations may also simply serve as a basis for sound decision-making.

The Swiss corporate finance team of Proventis Partners has been engaged in a large number of valuations during the past. Clients for whom Proventis Partners provided valuation services include a number of Swiss public companies. In addition, some of the Partners and Directors have been head of Corporate Development / M&A of Swiss public companies and in this function have worked with public offers, complex corporate governance issues and important valuation work. Proventis Partners has built a strong reputation in the market as a valuation expert.

Link to the accreditation of Proventis Partners by the Swiss Takeover Board:

About Proventis Partners

Proventis Partners advises corporations and holding companies on national and international M&A transactions as well as on selecting the appropriate financing solution with corporate finance projects. The support relating to M&A projects ranges from drawing up strategies to developing post-merger integration approaches. Proventis Partners has experience with transactions in many sectors, including telecom, media & technology, consumer, food & retail, healthcare, industrials, business services, and energy & natural resources. The team at Proventis Partners has so far successfully completed more than 200 M&A transactions with acumulated transaction volume of more than 4 billion Euro.