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Proventis Partners advised Caravita

Proventis Partners exclusively advises the Caravita Group in the course of corporate succession and on the sale to the WAREMA Group.

The Caravita Group, founded in 1993, is a premium premium parasol manufacturer based in Germany, Slovakia and the USA. The company provides a broad range of parasols with different opening mechanisms, product specifications and areas of application.

Warema has established itself as the leading SunLight Manager with more than 60 years of experience and comprehensive know-how.

Proventis Partners acted as exclusive M&A advisor to Caravita Group and its shareholder, Mr. Michael Caravita in the course of corporate succession. In this process, Proventis Partners advised on the selection of prospective buyers, prepared the company documentation, contacted selected strategic investors, evaluated purchase proposals, and advised on contract negotiations regarding deal structure and evaluation.

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