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Proventis Partners advised HPS Home Power Solutions

Proventis Partners acted as the exclusive M&A-lead–advisor to HPS Home Power Solutions GmbH in the 4m Euro financing round. The new funds now enable the company to finalize the development of its innovative and environmentally friendly home energy solution and to prepare market entry. The Business Angels involved in the transaction are renowned representatives of i.a. of the German energy sector such as former CEO of EnBW, Hans-Peter Villis, the founder of Q-Cells, Paul Grunow, and former Deutsche Bank manager Klaus Martini. HPS will also profit substantially from the large industry knowledge and the extensive network of these new investors. 

Receiving financing in this early stage of the company and especially in this specific market segment is a big challenge for tech start-ups especially in Germany and all of Europe where only few Venture Capital funds are keen to invest larger amounts at pre-revenue stage. The successful financing now enables HPS Home Power Solutions GmbH the commercialization of its system and lay the foundation for the future development of the company in the rapidly growing market for renewable and sustainable home energy solutions.  

HPS Home Power Solutions GmbH was founded in 2014. The company’s proprietary energy system enables home-owners to achieve 100% energetic autarky (electricity and heat) using renewable energy sources. By integrating on-site hydrogen production and storage the HPS system serves as a self-sustaining and highly efficient micro combined heat and power plant that is independent of fossil energy and grid supply. The next generation of the system allows all the installed HPS systems to be connected and used for grid control in order to provide grid stabilizing control energy and to work as a virtual power plant, which further supports Germany’s energy transition. 

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