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Proventis Partners advised Omni Ray

Proventis Partners advised the shareholders of Omni Ray AG on the sale of a majority stake in Addtech Nordic AB. The managing director of Omni Ray AG, Roger Müller, retains a minority stake in the company. The acquisition strengthens Addtech’s own competencies in the field of automation, which had grown strongly in recent years. As part of the transaction, the buyer is even creating a new Automation business unit, which in future will bundle products and solutions in the fields of automation, robotics, sensor technology, industrial networks, embedded computers and data communications infrastructure.

Omni Ray AG is a Zurich-based technical trading company and service provider with a strong position in the Swiss market for automation solutions, focusing mainly on industrial applications, infrastructure, transportation and medicine.

Addtech is a technology trading group that provides technological and economic added value in the link between manufacturers and customers. Addtech operates in select market niches for advanced technology products and solutions in the manufacturing and infrastructure industries.

Proventis Partners assisted Omni Ray’s owners and management team throughout the M&A process. Services included preparation of transaction documentation, identification and approach of suitable investors, coordination of due diligence, and commercial negotiation of the transaction.

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