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Proventis Partners advised RKT

On 01 May 2020, TANNER Transaltions GmbH + Co KG from Düsseldorf has been taken over by RKT Übersetzungs- und Dokumentations-GmbH. The previous business activities and ongoing projects of TANNER Translations will be continued in full in Düsseldorf. Both customers and the newly acquired employees will benefit in the future from a smooth and efficient workflow thanks to integration into the buyer’s PLUNET business & management system.

For the former managing directors, Kerstin Hauke and Gabriele Krullmann, the takeover by RKT was in any case the best possible solution: “”Through the takeover, we have rejuvenated ourselves and are optimistic about the future – as a strong joint translation service provider!”” Both will be actively involved in project management with a great deal of know-how and experience.

The acquisition of TANNER Translations not only expands RKT, but also our GE|tra|Net| network, which currently unites 13 specialized translation agencies under one roof. RKT has been one of the leading translation service providers for certified technical translations in south-western Germany for over 30 years and has been a subsidiary of the steadily growing German Translation Network AG from Freiburg since 2018.

Proventis Partners accompanied the management of RKT throughout the entire process of the acquisition.

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