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Proventis Partners advised the Customs Support Group

Customs Support, a leading provider of customs services, is pleased to announce the acquisition of Zollimpex. Zollimpex is part of BKM Customs and Consulting AG (BKM), a customs broker and consulting company based in Switzerland. The acquisition of Zollimpex is part of Customs Support’s strategy to strengthen its presence in Switzerland.

By adding Zollimpex to its network, Customs Support is positioning itself at strategically central locations in Switzerland and thus also expanding its operational reach in France, Germany and Italy. This strategic move will significantly expand Customs Support’s service portfolio in Switzerland and offer customers an expanded range of modern customs services with a focus on efficiency, digitalization and automation solutions. This fits seamlessly into Customs Support’s comprehensive buy-and-build strategy, which is primarily focused on international expansion in the customs services sector. The main objective of this acquisition is to provide even greater value to Customs Support and Zollimpex’s existing customer base, while retaining the current qualified management and workforce and driving further growth for all stakeholders of both organizations.

“We are very pleased to be able to expand and strengthen our presence in Switzerland with the takeover of Zollimpex. With the quality of services it offers its customers, Zollimpex is an excellent fit for Customs Support. This acquisition will enable us to better serve our customers in the region and offer them the best digital customs services. Together we open up new horizons for our customers and continue to advocate for professional, reliable and digital customs clearance on neutral ground.” – Frank Weermeijer – CEO Customs Support

“The transition from Zollimpex to Customs Support, the number 1 digital customs partner, opens up new opportunities for our customers and our team. Working with Customs Support allows Zollimpex to strengthen its commitment to providing exceptional customs solutions. With the strategic locations in Switzerland, Zollimpex expands its reach as part of a comprehensive network to streamline, digitize and automate customs services.” – Florian Brecher – BKM Customs & Consulting AG

Customs Support is committed to providing the best possible service to its customers and the acquisition of Zollimpex is a testament to this commitment. With the acquisition of Zollimpex, Customs Support is now even better positioned to serve its customers in Switzerland and the surrounding regions.

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